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We are seeking volunteers to assist in maintaining our wildlife preserve in the city, and to maintain and remodel our corporate structures (the main structure is a 100+ year-old historical-level house).  We need volunteers for trail and garden maintenance, and for both general and specific handyman tasks, including such work as roofing, carpentry, painting, plumbing, electricity, cement, and cleaning.
All donations to support our Classes, Events, and remodeling efforts are tax-deductible.  We can also handle donations of goods and services.

Our non-profit corporation was founded in 1971 on the idea that ethical survival, moral survival, and spiritual survival are e - a - c - h as important as (and in some ways, more important than) mere physical survival. Thus, we’ve taught our members and students how to safely self-discipline, harmoniously interact, and work synergistically together, whilst they are researching all the "lifestyle alternatives" in order to accomplish OPTIMUM physical, ethical, moral, and spiritual survival. We offer that same protective-yet-probing, peaceful-yet-full-of-excitement-of-discovery, supportive-yet-disciplined, work and study environment to youth and others who would like to come to our haven.


Our forest-like setting is a nationally-registered backyard Wildlife Preserve, and a Xeriscape showplace, and a Zen Garden, yet is only 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, and20 minutes from the "Hollywood Babylon." We periodically conduct public tours of our grounds. We have a one-of-a-kind UNIQUE library (including film library) that you could study in (and watch "uplifting" videos).


While you are here (length of time depending on what we agree-to together), we will offer an assortment of UP-lifting job-training duties (in exchange for room and board and use of phone). Some of those tasks: recycling; typing; shopping; selling our publications; treetrimming and transplanting; organic gardening; preservation and restoration of our 125 year-old historic headquarters; carpentry; plumbing; housecleaning; redecorating; vehicle mechanics & restoration; painting; maintenance of our Wildlife Preserve. Not only will their stay be highly-instructive, it will also offer job skills you could use to generate your own $ whilst here, then use those skills to generate income for your own families.
Please contact us if this seems right for you, and we'll go to the next step.Christopher or Prudence