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Transcript of a six hour presentation given by Christopher and Dolores Lynn Nyerges to Philosophical Research Society, Saturday, January 14, 1989.



Good morning! We are glad that you chose to join us for this special presentation. Why do we say "special"? We have spent several years studying this Science with several other committed individuals (one of whom is a Guide) who also observe that even though what we are sharing "rings true" and "makes sense," it is seldom heeded or acted upon in a practical way in today’s world. Hence, we have all the problems of today that are so evident.
Because the information we have received via our study is rare, and direly needed by humankind, we feel it is our duty to share it. This need to share is our main reason for being here today. We also need to add that we sometimes have reservations about sharing because we haven’t succeeded at incorporating all of this wonderful information into our own lives. Nevertheless, we will offer what we know, and share the things we have done, and encourage you to study the information we give on your own, and practice the solutions as you are able.
Our specific purposes this morning are to present a number of human problems, find the real causes and/or contributing causes or thinking, and share simple real solutions and/or healing-thinking.
We are going to go over some foundation-ideas and principles.
We’ll see what the main purpose is for human-beingness, and we’ll briefly look at what a human being is, in the spiritual sense.
Next, we’ll be amazed to find out what "human problems" are really all about.
We will list 10 "problems" that can be found world-wide. Then, we will all work to identify the thinking that earns us these "problems." That is, we will look for the real cause, or causes, underlying the problems.
And finally, we’ll find real solutions and/or healing-thinking for each of these human "problems." These solutions will be thinking that we can all do.
Before we move into looking at the foundation ideas and principles, we’d like to ask everyone to make a note of every question that arises. We will have a question period before the lunch break, and another at the end of the presentation.
There is a Plan and a Purpose(s) for the Universe.
We’re going to read a few paragraphs from Thinking and Destiny, a book by Harold Percival. [page 29 through 30]
"The Universe is guided according to a purpose and a plan. There is a simple law by which the purpose is accomplished and according to which the plan is carried out. That law is universal: it reaches all entities without exception. Gods and the weakest beings are equally powerless against it. It rules this visible world of change, and it affects the worlds and spheres beyond. At present it can be understood by man only as it affects human beings, though it is possible that its operations in animate nature may be seen. It affects human beings according to the responsibility which can be charged to them; and it determines their duty, measured by their responsibility.
"This is the law: Every thing existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of a thought, which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought, and in accordance with that one’s responsibility, at the conjunction of time, condition, and place.....
"The law of thought is present everywhere and rules everywhere; and is the law to which all other human laws are subservient. There is no deviation from, no exception to, this universal law of thought. It adjusts the mutually interdependent thoughts and plans and acts of the billions of men and women who have died and lived and who will continue to live and die on this earth. Happenings beyond number, some apparently accounted for, some apparently inexplicable, are marshaled to fit into the limiting framework of time and place and causation; facts innumerable, near and far, apposite and contradictory, related and unrelated, are worked into one whole harmonious pattern. It is only by the operation of this law that people exist together on the earth. Not only physical acts and their results are thus ordered; the invisible world in which thoughts originate is likewise adjusted. All this adjustment and universal harmony out of selfish discord is brought about by the action of universal forces operating under the law.
"The mechanical part of the operation of this law in the physical world may not be apparent. Yet, every stone, every plant, every animal, every human, and every event has a place in the great machinery for the working out of the law of thought, as destiny; each performs a function in the machine, whether as a gear, a gauge, a pin, or a transmission. However insignificant a part a man may seem to play, he starts the machinery of the law when he starts to think; and by his thinking he contributes to its continued operation. The machinery of the law is nature."
Percival is saying that what happens to us is governed by Universal Order, and that we are all here to do this thought-balancing work. We need to emphasize that this is a very big subject in itself, and beyond our focus here, today. This Thinking and Destiny book is offered here at the Philosophical Research Society bookstore.
Percival is saying that our thinking creates our destiny, and that destiny is brought about through this machine called nature.
Who is this, the human being? And why are we here experiencing the destiny we’ve created in the nature-machine?
[T&D pg. 26 to end of pg.28]
Here is what Harold Percival says, beginning on page 26 of his Thinking and Destiny.
"In all your lives on earth you have been indefinably seeking, expecting, or looking for someone or something that is missing. You vaguely feel that if you could but find that for which you long, you would be content, satisfied. Dimmed memories of the ages surge up; they are the present feelings of your forgotten past; they compel a recurring world-weariness of the ever-grinding treadmill of experiences and of the emptiness and futility of human effort. You may have sought to satisfy that feeling with family, by marriage, by children, among friends; or, in business, wealth, adventure, discovery, glory, authority, and power -- or by whatever other undiscovered secret of your heart. But nothing of the senses can really satisfy that longing. The reason is that you are lost -- are a lost but inseparable part of a consciously immortal Triune Self. Ages ago, you, as feeling-and-desire, the doer part, left the thinker and knower parts of your Triune Self. So you were lost to yourself because, without some understanding of your Triune Self, you cannot understand yourself, your longing, and your being lost. Therefore, you have at times felt lonely. You have forgotten the many parts you have often played in this world, as personalities; and you have also forgotten the real beauty and power of which you were conscious while with your thinker and knower in the Realm of Permanence. But you, as doer, long for balanced union of your feeling-and-desire in a perfect body, so that you will again be with your thinker and knower parts, as the Triune Self, in the Realm of Permanence. In ancient writings there have been allusions to that departure, in such phrases as "the original sin," "the fall of man," as from a state and realm in which one is satisfied. That state and realm from which you departed cannot cease to be; it can be regained by the living, but not after death by the dead.
"You need not feel alone. Your thinker and knower are with you. On ocean or in forest, on mountain or plain, in sunlight or shadow, in crowd or in solitude; wherever you are, your really thinking and knowing Self is with you. Your real Self will protect you, in so far as you will allow yourself to be protected. Your thinker and knower are ever ready for your return, however long it may take you to find and follow the path and become at last again consciously at home with them as the Triune Self.
"In the meantime, you will not be, you cannot be, satisfied with anything less than Self-knowledge. You, as feeling-and-desire, are the responsible doer of your Triune Self; and from what you have made for yourself as your destiny you must learn the two great lessons which all experiences of life are to teach. These lessons are:
What to do;
What not to do.
You may put these lessons off for as many lives as you please, or learn them as soon as you will -- that is for you to decide; but in the course of time you will learn them."

December 2009- Practical Ecology
Your and my daily actions on land (and on the water) can either produce, OR reduce, increasing pollution in our air and oceans. HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP:
h Convert lawns to gardens (optiomally, food-producing) and/or trees.
h Minimize your use of COMMERCIAL fertilizers on gardens; use natural organic alternatives (e.g., home-made compost) whenever possible.
h Conserve resources by buying gas-efficient vehicles and energy-efficient appliances, and low-flush toilets, and solar roof arrays.
h Always return used motor oil (and other volatile or poisonous liquids) to an approved collection center – never pour into toilets or sinkdrains.
h Never throw trash (including cigar and cigarette butts) on the street or ground. It can wash into storm sewers and pollute our coastal seas.
h Stay informed! -- sign up for WTI/ School of Self-reliance Conservancy Action Guides 
Thoughtful conservation on land can help our fellow-beings of the sea and air SURVIVE!