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WTI is a 501(c)3 non-profit community service organization, incorporated in 1971 for the express purpose of "saving the Planet." WTI engages in research and education in all aspects of survival.

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All Events, unless otherwise indicated, are held at 5835 Burwood Ave, Highland Park, CA 90042.

Cost: We suggest an $8.50 donation per event, per person, to attend the unique, “life-enhancing” Events of this nearly half-century old non-profit corporation. 


RSVP: Let us know if you plan to come by calling us at 323 620-4720. You can also reserve via the mail, by sending a check for the event, to WTI, Event chair, 5835 Burwood Ave., Highland Park, CA 90042

Questions? Call Julie at 323 255 4028 or Prudence at 323 620-4720 and ask!



Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m., we conduct Spiritual Studies outdoors under our 150 year-old “Bodhi tree.” Topics vary from week to week.  We recommend you call in advance, especially if it is a holiday weekend when we might have another event that supercedes this.  

We suggest a donation of at least  $8.50 to cover our costs and support our activities.  However, for those of you who cannot afford this, we conduct a simple work activity after the session so that your remuneration / donation can be achieved by participating in UP-lifting educational “hands-on” activities.


The listed topics are subject to change.  If a higher priority arises for a timely topic to share, we will re-schedule the listed topic for a later date.  It is best to call 2 to 3 days ahead if you wish to verify the topic.

Blank spaces after a date means that the topic for that Sunday has not been determined at the time of this posting.


March 29: Palm Sunday. We will explore the symbolism of this pivotal day, which leads to the trials and crucifixion of Yeshua ("Jesus").

April 5: Easter Sunday. We'll discover the many esoteric aspects of this major Christian Holy Day, and its pre-Christian origins. (j)

April 12: Viewing and discussion of either Book of Virtues, or Star Trek, looking for the correspondences to “everyman.“ (p)

April 19: An overview of the many simple and economical ways we've taught and practiced the past 50 years to “live light upon the earth“ in honor of Earth Day. (c/a)

April 26: Basics of Nutrition, based upon the book “Seventeen Steps to Radiant Health“ and the cycles of the body. (p)

May 3: Three essential practices of “Returning Science“: Communication Specifics, Retrospection, and Entubification. (p)

May 10: Mother's Day: Exploring the many aspects of Mother-ness, and how both men and women can and should exhibit these ideal traits. (j)

May 17: Election discussion. We will share the ballot details, and the value of making well-researched choices.

May 24: Memorial Day. Is “death“ the end? How do we best honor those who have gone before us?

May 31: Is there a natural, safer, and viable alternative to the dominant medical system in the United States? We will discuss some testimonials, and viable alternatives. (c)

June 7: Viewing and discussion of a Star Trek episode. (p)

June 14: Introduction to the themes of Ramadan, and how anyone can benefit from these practices. (t)

June 21: Father's Day. Exploring Father-ness, reading of “The Father in Us All,“ and a discussion of the ideal principles of Father-ness. (cod)

June 28: Who / What is “The Christ“ and who / what is “The Anti-Christ?“ (ag)

July 5: Fasting: Why should one fast, how should one fast, and what is the Counterfeit of fasting? (p)

July 12: Reading and discussion from select sections of “Thinking and Destiny" regarding our goal and purpose in life. (c)

July 19: What are the 6 most-common Root Causes of the “blues“ and clinical depression, and what to do about it. (p)

July 26: How to prepare for sleep, and how to interpret your own dreams. (c)


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, there is a presentation EVERY Sunday at 9:30, on a timely subject.  If you need to know the subject, please email us.


SPECIAL EVENTS for Holidays and Holy Days

Please contact us via phone or email for details on Special Events for Holy Days or Holidays.