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WTI is a 501(c)3 non-profit community service organization, incorporated in 1971 for the express purposes of "saving the Planet and saving our soul." WTI engages in research and education in all aspects of survival. For more details, click the link below.


 The OPTIMUM “Survival Tool” is the E-Ducated mind.


WTI is a multi-faceted COMMUNITY SERVICE organization. WTI has, for +/- 45 years, strived to uncover, and E-duce from within each of its members & our fellow community members, family, and friends, precisely who/what we “humans” actually are in “spiritual terms,” and how and why we should purpose-fully conduct every aspect of our life’s activities to our best ability (while seeking to always improve ourselves, and our local communities, and our planet’s habitat).

We conduct ongoing (year ‘round) research. And we periodically share gleanings from our discoveries ( and our test-results) via our various publications, and via lectures, seminars, colloquia, classes, training programs, mentoring, consulting, et al. Although we focus strongly upon Universal Principles, we always EMPHASIZE how those Principles can be applied PRACTICALLY (and $-effectively) in people’s daily lives (at home and in “business”). Some of the PRACTICA that we have dealt with for nearly one-half a century are:

·       How do I (and my family) (and my business) reduce daily discarded “trash” and “garbage” to practically zero?

·       Do I know any of the SPECIFIC details of America’s historical “spiritual” heritage (including the CENTRAL role that “spiritual” matters played in our ORIGINAL school systems ≈ 250 years ago)?

·       How well am I PREPARED at this moment to react if a 7.0 — 8.0 earthquake should begin in the next 10 min? (or begins late tonight when I’m asleep)?

·       Have I thought about what Thy Will Be Done” really means, on a non-sectarian basis?

·       Can I establish and “non-poisonously” maintain a productive home (or apartment) garden which steadily improves my environment (i.e., do not use chemicals to fertilize or poison to repel or kill pests and/or weeds)?

·       Do I know HOW to do Real (Royal) Thinking? Is such “creative thinking” taught at the school being attended by myself or my children? (Note: there is an ENORMOUS difference between “HOW to think” and “WHAT to think.”)

·       Am I aware that EVERY city abounds with naturally-growing free “wild foods”? Do I know how (and where) to find them? Do I know how to use them safely and effectively?

·       What is Universal, Impersonal, non-sectarian LOVE ? What is the relationship between that LOVE and the various emotional complexes that most people call “love” (e.g., “affection,” “hook up,” “hot”-ness, attraction,” “romance,” “lust,” “desire,” et al.)?

·       To what extent am I aware that this “land of freedom and unlimited opportunity” was largely based upon various kinds of slaveries,” and “indentured servitudes,” and SEVERE race hatreds (including governmental POLICIES of “ethnic cleansing,” and large-scale internments, and de facto ghettoizations)?

·       Does a “healthy economy” really REQUIRE that most of the citizenry be engaged in regular “wage jobs,” and/or money-focused “businesses”?

·       Am I PREPARED now to effectively-protect myself and my family against others who seek to rob, or rape, or assault, or brutalize, or prey-upon, or kill? Including: at home; while driving; while camping; while walking on the street; while hiking/jogging; while shopping; while on vacation; while on bus/train/plane; in restaurant; at post office (or other businessplace including banks); etc. etc., etc.…...

·       Do I have sufficient knowledge of dietetics to prepare nutritionally balanced wholly assimilable meals without becoming a nutritionist, or dietician, or “health nut”?

·       Am I aware of the ENORMOUS (mostly-untapped/unused) potentials of the “plastic” human brain? Am I aware that the human brain houses several different (often competing) “minds” that use the human nervous systems (and determine one’s conception of ethicality, morality, honesty, and spirituality)?

·       Could I effectively fight a fire inside my home, or outside around my property, or in my car (or someone else’s car), or on an absent neighbor’s property?


To address these -- and scores of other -- topics, we have for nearly 5 decades conducted hundreds of public classes, outings, events, and activities. We have a lovely headquarters where people are invited to visit, attend classes, and activities, and use our unique library’s resources. These research and study resources and activities are all related to the broad topic of SURVIVAL (from sur “supporting” + vivos “life”). That includes: physical survival, emotional survival, mental survival, psychic survival, ethical survival, moral survival, spiritual survival, and survival of a life-supporting habitat on our “planetary space-ship.” WTI through its Leadership training of all its officers and active members, serves to provide PRACTICAL means for “improving life.” Our activities / branches presently include: Organic Gardening, Natural Nutrition, Cults-analysis, Linguistics, Ecology Reconstruction Company, Wild Food Outings, Economic Survival (including “Enlightened Investing”), Alternative Energies Associates, WTI Publishing Co., Spiritual Science Studies, Women’s Total Fitness Academy, Rainbow School (including teacher training), Survival Training and Self-Competition Sports, Weapon-tools For Survival, Holistic (non-pharmaceutical) “medicine” (including “enlightened metaphysics”).

Thus, WTI has, over the decades, enhanced the lives of thousands of people (directly and indirectly). In the northeast Los Angeles community , we have, since 1964, actively advocated, supported, and maintained this focus:

“May EVERYONE waken

to the importance of personally becoming an OPTIMUM model

for survival of what's 'highest-and-best' in human nature."

We commit to continue promoting "life-enhancing" ideals, and encouraging constructive personal evolution, through our ongoing research, and our E-ducation classes and programs. We purpose to continue improving our ability to uplift the perspectives and abilities of our fellowman. And we WARMLY invite you to join in these efforts of mutual cooperativeness -- whether silently at home when you are alone, or here with us, in synergistically-cooperative activities that promote positive personal progress through uplifting programs that are geared towards mutual upliftment!